Statement of purpose

NB Associates is dedicated to work for an end to men’s violence against women.  Craig Norberg-Bohm, the owner and principal consultant.  The primary focus is to work with men in the general public, outside of crisis situations, to assume responsibility and to foster leadership for finding the social solution to ending gender-based violence and men’s violence against women specifically.  Key in this area of work is to promote healthy masculinties.

Offerings include consultation for community organizing, training, coaching and public speaking.   


Craig Norberg-Bohm,  NB Associates

Craig Norberg-Bohm, is a consultant in private practice, recently retired from 15 years working with Jane Doe Inc., The Massachusetts  Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence. Craig is founder and past director of Jane Doe Inc.’s Massachusetts White Ribbon Day Campaign.   In addition, years go in 1978, Craig was one of the founders of RAVEN (Rape and Violence End Now) in St. Louis, Missouri, one of the earliest men’s centers in the U.S. established to engage men to end men’s violence against women.  Craig is a founder and present administrator for the North American MenEngage Network, a chapter of The Global MenEngage Alliance.  In addition, he is also currently president of Community Works, a fundraising federation made up of cooperating social justice organizations across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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