FInal Session – Men Supporting #MeToo

Web Conference Announcement

Fourth and final session of A Four Part Educational Webinar Series, Hosted By the North American MenEngage Network
Men Supporting #MeToo:

Taking Action to the Next Level


Through the #MeToo movement, the voice of survivors of sexual harassment have been loud and powerful. The #MeToo movement provides an opportunity to organize and mobilize men and boys, as active agents of change. This webinar series will explore current community-based efforts to rise to this challenge and some of the lessons learned from these efforts …

Participants will come away with new concepts and concrete examples that can be employed immediately. This series will build on what the NAMEN members have already been doing to address the issues brought up by #MeToo and explore ways to strengthen this work together.

Dates and Times
Thu April 12; 3 – 4:30pm; Community experience, how are men responding?
Thu April 26; 3 – 4:30pm; Dialog on theories of change for men.
Thu May 10; 3 – 4:30pm; Immediate Applications, what can we do now?
Thu June 14; 3 – 4:30pm; Reflection on lessons learned and next steps

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